Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Proportions outside and in

Figure drawing for the past has been getting harder and I do not want to fall behind in class. My previous assignments were much larger than expected. They did not look bad unless you put the image next to them. I think it was the distortion I got from drawing with the laptop next to my easel. This time though I printed out the images and paid special attention to it. They definitely came out better. 

Personal 25 min pastel, tried to keep proportions in check. Hands and
feet still give me trouble with this medium.

25 minute pastel.

Overlap studies, these were pretty tough.

More overlap, had fun with color experimentation.

18 minute, I'm getting better little at a time.

18 minute, Seated poses are less trouble. Still hard though.

Sketchbook class has been making me sketch outside a lot more than I ever have. Its really nice though when its on clear days, not so good on windy cold days. I did learn one thing and that was to clip my pages together so they don't fly everywhere. I should probably use that same principle when photographing my figure drawing.

Sketch, buildings seen outside at a park.

Linear perspective is still something I struggle with the most I think. I feel like if there is one thing I should focus on this week its that. Mainly because it affects things like my sketchbook class and anatomy class.
Cube contraption.

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