Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monsters and Mayhem

Sometimes its really hard to use a medium you have not used in a couple days. When I got to the pastels, it felt a little weird. Not to mention, I had to go from doing 2 hour+ drawings to 15 minute ones. Things like that take some adjusting. While I'm not completely satisfied with the results, I'm very happy to see the amount of improvement I got. I think even after this class is over, I will still do a bit of pastel studies because they are fun to do. It just sucks when using certain colors (some are really smooth easy to use, other are hard and you have to really draw with more force).

This current assignment was indiciation. So I had little time to add some details to one area allowing the viewer to be able to guess on the rest. Details and focal point... still much improvement needed there.  However, a good point my teacher made was that I am becoming more confident in my strokes. This is something I've been trying to work towards since the beginning. Its still hard when I have proportions to worry about, but this is definitely one step up.
15 minutes, i only have so much time.

Split decisions need to be made

Confident strokes create a powerful image thats easier to read.

My sketchbook assignment was really fun. I got to create creatures based on the "world" I created in the previous assignment. The only problem is that I thought my first ideas were the best, when I probably should have thumbnailed a bit to get the best results. For those probably unaware, thumbnails are just quick sketches that you can toss out in an instant. This gives the artist time to really go wild and explore ideas he/she may have not. 

But this was a cool assignment never the less. Definitely something I will do again and again to improve my concepting ability.
Granite Snapping Spider is a rock like creature that springs at its enemy from hiding
and injects venom.
Long Hair Faun is a killing machine in this rocky area, while the Night Pecker
is adapt in both day and night thanks to its large ears.

Ellipses are sure tough to do but I can see the more I draw them the better I get. Thats just a rule in life, but its fun to know while you are doing it. These were kind of tough and I don't quite grasp drawing longitude and latitude. Luckily, that's what we are covering in class. I'm just happy to see me learning all of this because it allows for me to draw so many cooler stuff from my imagination!

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