Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday, Contest, Masters, Figures and circles

Its my birthday this weekend. That means I get some money to invest in my art :) I think this time around I will be buying some reference books because I got a basic understanding of drawing. What I need to work on is finding images to work from.

Also I entered a contest a while back creating a superhero about a year ago (about 200 entered). Only recently did I get the grandprize. They are pretty awesome, two figures and a limited edition dvd. I definitely want to use the figures for reference. Also I have the hero I created on reserve for whenever I want to make a cool comic.

From the anime Tiger and Bunny, I need to really watch this.

Master copies in figure drawing dealing with edges. Each took about 80 minutes long. This was really interesting because I was finished with the basic idea quickly but the actual rendering was very hard. I think I will do more of these master copies, at least 1 more this weekend. The next assignment is a long pose. This in general feels weird like after a certain point in time a different switch flips on. I like it and feel like its a muscle i do not flex often...

Still noodling with the tones. I REALLLY need to start stepping back and judge the picture as a whole because some of the values are just far from off. This technique really is easier in photoshop where I can just quickly shrink the image to check all the values as a whole. Sadly though, my room doesn't have the biggest area. What I might do is rearrange for optimal drawing.

Linear perspective, more ellipses. Nothing really to say about this other than the fact that I need to work even MORE on them.

Also figures in space. Its one of my banes. I did one for sketchbook class and totally fudged it ALL up. This came out a bit better because its easier to get straighter lines on photoshop. HOWEVER. I need to work on this because photoshop shouldn't be a crutch. I will try redoing my sketchbook assignment and posting the bad one as well for comparison.

Photography assignment was before, during, after. This is a higher conceptual type of idea where I tried to keep toward the circle. However, it got dark at the bottom. Btw, they were delicious to eat.

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