Thursday, December 20, 2012

Its been a good first semester

Just today, tomorrow, then I will be done with my first semester of TAD. I have to say I learned a lot, have had good classmates, and wonderful teachers to push me. I can't wait for the next semester to start so that I can learn even more. Luckily though with this break, it provides lots of opportunity to jam in what I learned in school (especially the areas I had lots of trouble with).

So figure drawing is done. I still have lots that can be improved on. I'm still unsure if its the material or way of thinking. Quite a few had similar problems where its hard to change what you made when using nu pastel. I know that better materials don't make better art. So what I might want to do is start looking more and putting down less. 

The other thing I need to start working on is a focal point. I'm doing the whole study thing correctly but my drawings could be so much stronger if they looked interesting. 

20-25 minutes

Another 25 minute one.

2 minutes each.

Linear perspective class was definitely the one that taught me alot of rules I did not know. This final definitely came out better than any drawing of a room from imagination that I've done in my life. I put in some good time with this one like all classes. But after looking at it for a long time, I just see a lot of the flaws. So I decided to finish and just move on to the next thing.

Rough final. I like the lines
My attempt at cleaning this drawing up. I don't know
if it completely works.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One more week to go

I'm on my second to last week here at TAD for foundations 1. I have to say its been a journey and I have only just cracked at the first part. 

The final version to my sketchbook project about impact. I did two different versions because I wanted to try different compositions, value structure, story. Originally I was going to push this further into maybe a comic but I think I will flop while I'm still ahead. Critique had a comment about unoriginality where humans try to use a resource created by an alien for their gain. I was looking more into the psychology of humans how they will abuse, be distrust worthy, and steal any friendly companionship making them the monsters. But eh whatever, I'll come up with something else.

Diggers looking for some bones to munch on.

Scientist hopes to use the crystal the diggers make and possibly
reverse death.


Tried a different approach, I want to get better with ink.

Photography had to do with depicting my studio. This was a tough one because I didn't want to just take a picture, I wanted to think about this a little bit. So I put the cup in there to kind of show the need to have it as if its a tool. I swear I cant get the energy needed sometimes to work without it. The second idea came from showing interesting lighting. I experimented and found a nice result. The picture looks like a warm glowing sun however its a 60 exposure at night. The light is from the streets outside.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I need to get back on track

Time for a bit of an overload. I think coming back from break has made me a little sluggish. Its also a bit of a hassle sometimes. Never the less, I have lots to show. On a side note though, I think starting this week I will do reviews of books/animation/objects I have that might be useful. Not to mention restart up my tumblr. While I think of those ideas, take a look at all the stuff i have in this post.

The first on the list is the photography assignment of missing. I had a lot to show but I think this is one of my favorite. Its funny, most of my staged photos looked not as good as just a random sign I found. Sometimes its hard to realize that trying really hard does not always mean good results.

You can't just stage this. Maybe thats why its successful.
Keep an eye out for everything. I must carry my camera everywhere.

The sketchbook assignment was to find something that was impacted. I have to tell you its hard when I seen so much over the summer and not much now. But what I did findwas ComEd's construction going on. There was a patch of ground dug up. The next part was imagining what did it. I found that a back hoe probably created the problem, but I could go into the realm of fantasy. So my story is an alien that searchs for bones to be absorbed so they can become more individualized and attract a mate.

I tried to improve upon the process from the last creature assignment. These were late sadly, so I can only go on by a personal critique.

Thumbnails to start out. 

This time I tried more iterations with details.

The first rendered iteration, good but not great.

I took the basic concepts from the image above and rework the silhouette.

This had a lot of cool rhythm.

Second rendered iteration. I'm getting there.

Over the weekend, I did some figure drawing past the assignment. I feel like doing this is definitely helping at my observational skills at least via a picture. I would definitely like to mix this with observational skills from real life. However while my measurements and details are getting better, I start to lose the basic light/shadow groupings. This is probably what i'm going to focus on for the rest of the semester. Its been brought up in critique for almost the past month. I'm trying but I think I need to just really focus on only that.
2 hours total using nu-pastel.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breaks recharge the soul

I hope everyone who is reading this had a great break. This one was well needed for me because I fell behind in class and it gave me sometime for catch up. I also got to do a lot of personal sketches (i might upload if I find the time) and that was really refreshing.

This is my disaster project for sketchbook class. The process was due before break and I just didn't have time till now to do it. I choose the bridge that was close by because the desgin appealed to me in the beginning. The nice thing about this is that you get to see all my thoughts on how I make an image. Originally I was documenting every detail I thought might play a role. Only later did I realize I did not need them. 

This class mixed with linear perspective definitely helped me see angles that I could not photograph which gave for interesting compositions. As you can see, the disaster I choose was an earthquake. I did some studies to get the feel of what it would be like. Also while the first one is clearer the other two were more experimentations. I tried using different mediums I'm not used to. They definitely gave a different mood.

The first two are from before break. It was a calligraphy assignment working with line and I took this time to experiment. These were two of my favorite. However, I think its one of those things I need to keep practicing.

Both are about 15 minutes.

Trying to get better at focal.

Now these are what I did over break. I had a lot of time to do these and it feels like I'm applying certain things I worked on previously. There is still so much I could work on like values, focal and detail accuracy.

2 hours, trying to find accurate values with various edge work

about 20 minute.

20 minute, this was fun because my last one using this pose was
very different.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Came in bronze

I'm a little late on my postings, it has been a pretty rough week in terms of work. I've been falling behind by just one step so its hard to just regain my footing. Some of my stuff like my sketchbook assignment and last week figure drawing still need to be scanned/photographed. Tomorrow I'll upload more figure drawings.

Anatomy from last week was just to do better form skeletons. I feel like over this class I have gotten a lot better. Its now easy to pay attention to which side the form is on. The difficult part was trying to rotate the figure. 

The rest of the linear perspective class is devoted to the final project with a few random lessons here and there. I still don't know how I'm going to show my studio, but these were my first iterations. I'll do lots more later..
Studio room from different angles.
Box flaps.

A new long study that took about 80 minutes in nupastel. I did one before but there were just too many errors at about 2 hours. What I did differently was spend the first 35 minutes with just proportions. This allowed for lots of minimal problems later on. The MAJOR thing though that dragged this down was the high contrast I gave the model. One reason was because I didn't pay attention to the overall figures light/shadow relation. If thats not worse? I used ivory white thinking it was a light yellow for the highlights. This blasted them to a greater degree. On the brighter side? Because I did not have to think about proportions, I could look at the details and render to a better degree.

Dubbed the bronze statue. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Figures and further than that

A good milestone was set forth with this recent set of figure drawings. While I didn't do the assignment quite how the teacher had planned, I still got some nice results. What I really should have done was focus on the lines and proportions. I will definitely do some of that later this weekend. However, I did these in ten minutes. There are a lot of things wrong if you put them up side by side with the reference but they still look better than ever. Confidence has been one of my key things to improve and with that came speed.

This time I tried to push focal point and render certain areas that only needed it. I don't think I achieved it. Maybe with more time, but for now I need to really just be all over the place. I also think color palette has a lot to do with the focal (obviously, but for figure drawings with such little time its really hard to plan so all I can do is experiment).

10 minute drawing with nu pastel and toned paper

The assignment had to do with foreshortening.

2 minute drawings, charcoal and newsprint.

15 minute drawing.

My finished creature design. I worked from the ground up like I said before. I had to first imagine the place that the creature resided which was tunnels and caves in a mountain high up in the sky. This type of creature digs and lives off certain rocks. The stuff it can't digest is put into a second stomach which is metal ore. This stomach melts the metal and they later use this ability to forge their city. The altitude they live up in is very high so little prey or predators. These creatures only have to worry about are the behemoths that float and try to snack on them. 

I've been coming up with names like a jackhammer dragon. These are not dragons, but earth explorers fantasize over things like this. Maybe in their tongue they are called Aih'skee, aih meaning one who breaks and skee meaning one who builds. Their civilization believes in a strong foundation and value the beginning to many problems.

Another multimedia attempt. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting back into that sketchbook

Finished midterm week at TAD. To be honest, I am very happy with the choice I made going to this school. I say this a lot but people don't realize how annoying normal art colleges can be. I could rant about this, but I'll save that for another time. For now, I'm just happy to see my skills developing with teachers who are all very willing to push me. I hope to get even more quality work done this half (I plan to push myself much harder.)

Redone version of my sketchbook assignment, I used india ink washes and a black water soluble colored pencil. This technique was inspired by James Gurney, who does quite a bit of sketchbooking adventures that he shares online. I definitely like the results and hope to do more of this soon.

Old tea pot I got for like $5 at a yard sale.

I spent a good portion of my weekend working on my creature concept again. I went from the ground up by photographing new refrence to inspire me for a new location. This time I did not think of the place as what I photographed but instead an alien world. I'll post the finished sketches later. For now, here is some stuff I have on my computer.
Small ink silouettes, tried to push various ideas of a mountain cave digger.
My favorite silhouette given detail. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lots of work ahead

I feel like the moral of this whole blog post is if its bad then draw it again. I just need to keep pushing myself in the general direction that is set forth.

Linear perspective has been pretty tough as of late. While I am getting better at ellipses, for some reason I don't quite grasp gridding a sphere. I'm definitely going to have to rewatch the videos from class. Which is really nice because TAD is an online school that records all its sessions. This is very good when they pour tons of stuff in such a short amount of time.

Photography was an interesting assignment where I had to play with shadow. I really did not want to just use the silhouettes I was given. Instead, I played with crumpling paper and boxes to get unique shapes that I normally would not get. This was definitely a lot of fun to play with but frustrating when I can't control them all that much. So, what I get is what I get.

Heh, I did the sketchbook assignment wrong but I'll still post this anyways. Luckily, we went over the rest of the creature designs in last class. I will actually redo my creatures this week with a different process. Unlike the last time, I will focus very hard on the initial stages instead of the later ones. I get too caught up in details and then afterwords I don't want to get rid of it. I'll try to show my process. But for now, here is a teapot and cup. I did about 18 thumbs to get composition I wanted. (This is something I will also redo this weekend, all I needed was one object and I probably should render it better)

After working from strutturo uomo, I can tell my anatomy forms are getting just a slight bit better. They still have a way to go, but they show me reaching one level higher. In the beginning, I was struggling with certain things which now make lots of sense.