Friday, October 26, 2012

Looking closer

No figure drawings today because of midterms this week. Instead here are some simplified forms of the body. Its harder than it looks. You really have to pay attention to where things are going, what side is facing you and how they all work together. I will be working on some anatomy studies this weekend. If I get a chance, i might upload some.

One step at a time.

My newest sketchbook assignment is a cool assignment but a tough one. I need to look for a mini ecosystem and draw it. Thats cool, but there is just so much detail sometimes that I kind of get lost in my drawing. I will have to try harder and its definitely good practice. Oh the other thing that needs practice is how I can render with a pencil because I feel it will be a lot easier to correct values later on.

Next, I will create a creature to inhabit my eco-system. One is a rusty, moldy, rocky industrial area (under a bridge). The other is dirty mushrooms with leafs. 

This was tough, I'm not a fan of bugs up close.

Its funny how I overlooked these all the time.

Linear perspective class has me creating random objects from imagination. I'm happy to see that all of this practice is showing results. I think I can push myself further then this but for now I was so worried about getting the ellipses correct. 

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