Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Details: love/hate relation

My newest pastel drawings from fig1. These were tricky but still very fun to do. I feel like I'm improving well with this type of drawing. However, there is still a lot of work. Not only that but I stray away from details. I feel like that could bring these 15 minute drawings to a more finished quality. That would give it a better focal.

I just have to push myself and put me out of my comfort zone. One of the thing I did try to add was more than just 2 colors. It gives a less boring palette.

I have been using my sketchbook a LOT more. Its really refreshing and I hope to post some of the pages very soon. This past assignment however got me thinking in terms of composition. Its definitely something that feels a little weird. Kind of like doing thumbnails, I have to turn on a switch that is usually not used. Its awesome though, I really get to play with the overall picture and not worry about details. (which as you can tell... I stray away from in my figure drawing... sigh, I must figure out a good  way to not overwork details)

Ellipses, these things are tough. Not as easy as they may seem. I had trouble and I still don't think i completely understand them. Yet, I know the box theory but its hard to visualize the correct arc.

Starting a personal project. Its for a contest but this is mainly just so I can work on non-school work as well. Listened to a podcast that told me its a great idea to do just that. 

Rough sketch is rough. Hopefully will have it done by friday which is the due date but I don't care really.

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