Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm starting to like these pastels

Recently, Mark English was in my Figure Drawing class critiquing our work. Sadly, I had a bunch of poor ones to show for. I wish he got to see these instead. haha, oh well~ However, he did like my master copy that I did from his work. One big issue was the contrast. I'll need to find that good palette some day. While another that everyone had was barely any of us used a cool color for the reflective light. I tried to experiment with that this time. I might have to look at the Mark English video again (oh for those who don't know, TAD students got to see the videos of Mark doing the image that we would copy later) It was very insightful and I think it opened my mind a little to this.

25 Min, Nu-Pastel

25 Min, Nu-Pastel

25 Min, Nu-Pastel

2 minute drawings, I learned going slower can achieve better results.

In linear perspective, we are learning about the distortion of a camera lens. It turns out the closer you get the wider angle you will achieve. However if you go far away (i went like 15 feet or more from the image below) and zoom in, you will see the objects vanishing points stretch. This is mainly due because the one on the right was zoomed in and cropped from a larger image while the one on the right is next to my face. 

This is no trickery my friend, BOTH are real. No photoshop used.

Image of my neighborhood, I like the colors.

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