Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lots of work ahead

I feel like the moral of this whole blog post is if its bad then draw it again. I just need to keep pushing myself in the general direction that is set forth.

Linear perspective has been pretty tough as of late. While I am getting better at ellipses, for some reason I don't quite grasp gridding a sphere. I'm definitely going to have to rewatch the videos from class. Which is really nice because TAD is an online school that records all its sessions. This is very good when they pour tons of stuff in such a short amount of time.

Photography was an interesting assignment where I had to play with shadow. I really did not want to just use the silhouettes I was given. Instead, I played with crumpling paper and boxes to get unique shapes that I normally would not get. This was definitely a lot of fun to play with but frustrating when I can't control them all that much. So, what I get is what I get.

Heh, I did the sketchbook assignment wrong but I'll still post this anyways. Luckily, we went over the rest of the creature designs in last class. I will actually redo my creatures this week with a different process. Unlike the last time, I will focus very hard on the initial stages instead of the later ones. I get too caught up in details and then afterwords I don't want to get rid of it. I'll try to show my process. But for now, here is a teapot and cup. I did about 18 thumbs to get composition I wanted. (This is something I will also redo this weekend, all I needed was one object and I probably should render it better)

After working from strutturo uomo, I can tell my anatomy forms are getting just a slight bit better. They still have a way to go, but they show me reaching one level higher. In the beginning, I was struggling with certain things which now make lots of sense. 

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