Thursday, November 15, 2012

Came in bronze

I'm a little late on my postings, it has been a pretty rough week in terms of work. I've been falling behind by just one step so its hard to just regain my footing. Some of my stuff like my sketchbook assignment and last week figure drawing still need to be scanned/photographed. Tomorrow I'll upload more figure drawings.

Anatomy from last week was just to do better form skeletons. I feel like over this class I have gotten a lot better. Its now easy to pay attention to which side the form is on. The difficult part was trying to rotate the figure. 

The rest of the linear perspective class is devoted to the final project with a few random lessons here and there. I still don't know how I'm going to show my studio, but these were my first iterations. I'll do lots more later..
Studio room from different angles.
Box flaps.

A new long study that took about 80 minutes in nupastel. I did one before but there were just too many errors at about 2 hours. What I did differently was spend the first 35 minutes with just proportions. This allowed for lots of minimal problems later on. The MAJOR thing though that dragged this down was the high contrast I gave the model. One reason was because I didn't pay attention to the overall figures light/shadow relation. If thats not worse? I used ivory white thinking it was a light yellow for the highlights. This blasted them to a greater degree. On the brighter side? Because I did not have to think about proportions, I could look at the details and render to a better degree.

Dubbed the bronze statue. 

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