Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cubes make the world go round

Things are going smoothly in class. It feels like I need to be doing double the work to get the results I want. For this last figure drawing assignment, I did it twice (aka 20 drawings instead of 10). It took longer but I found that the ones I liked were in the second batch. 

My ability to use charKole is improving. 5 minutes

Having fun with shape, still need to worry about that light. 15 minutes.

Cubes, that has been the focus for linear perspective this week and probably for the rest of these classes.  I have been drawing these from life and they have been a lot harder to get perfect than I thought.
Cubes, cubes,  and more cubes.

How do you get better at cubes? By drawing more cubes.

I have needed to take some pictures outside of all the drawing I am doing. These were interesting because I had to pay attention to where the light is falling. The different types of light/shadow can evoke a different mood or feeling.

Short loop lighting using my phone cam. I was also holding the light at the same time.

Rembrandt lighting with a point and shoot, this time I had a tripod.

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