Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paper, Pastel, and a Can Opener

For figure drawing recently, I had to work up my speed with gesture drawings.  The faster ones turned out great. I also used a new type of newsprint, smooth versus rough. It glides very easily. However, I feel the paper I am using for my 10 minute pastel drawings is not the best choice. I will have to find the paper that was recommended or try it on the newsprint.

2 min charcoal drawing, feels super powerful!

2 min, I liked how fluid this came out.

10 min nu pastel, best of the bunch I did.

In sketchbook class, I had to take a mechanical object that moves and study it. Then I created an exploded view which later would be used for drawings from my imagination.

Linear perspective was another form analysis. This one seemed simple enough but still took a lot of time. I definitely want to get better at drawing stuff like this so I can start doing it from imagination.

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