Friday, April 19, 2013

Struttura Uomo Review

I'd like to start by saying I will try doing a review of certain things I like or items I use from time to time. Hopefully I can make this a weekly thing. I know my previous week was not added, but things have been hectic. I dont have lots of stuff uploaded (or done for that matter).

Struttura Uomo: Manuale di Anatomia Artistica volume 1

I'd like to start by saying that this is an anatomy book written in italian. I cannot read italian. This does not stop me from looking at all the gorgeous pictures that are clearly drawn and seperated. This is a handy tool both in doing some copies but it gets a lot of use from when I'm doing figure drawing. A lot of times certain muscles aren't developed enough to see, and its good to have a few things handy to know what you are drawing. I have some other books, ipad apps, and handouts from Ron Lemen to help as well. 

This book is not the end all cure. I stress this because I always thought I need to buy the perfect book or the one that will teach me the most.

I don't think there is any anatomy book that will just make you a genius. I've gone through Loomis and Bridgeman before diving into constructive anatomy. Many people reccommend those two a LOT (and for good measure) They are good at what they do.

This book really breaks down a lot of bones and how the muscles attach to them. My favorite are the guides with the different views (especially if they are colored). The book itself has about 180 pages printed on some nice paper. The binding on mine is starting to come apart at the front cover.

Overall this book is priced at $60 on amazon. I think thats a rather fair price seeing as its an import. This is good for the beginner or the advanced in my opinion. I would say though if you are just starting out (or early in your drawing progress), you should buy a few other books. Here is Noah Bradley's list. Bridgman's complete guide helps you understand 3D volume fairly well and Loomis' Figure Drawing has a lot of nice poses (mostly women) to draw upon. If you pair those two with this book, a TON of photos and real life drawing, you will be well on your way.

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