Monday, April 22, 2013

Semester 2 Week 11

Haha I'm falling a bit behind on some parts. Figure drawing is demanding but worth it. I think I've push in more hours into that then I have in a while (by that I mean before the semester). However, I'm becoming well accumusted to the different muscles. Every week or two feels like a huge challenge in the beginning, but then it all clicks in the end. Sometimes it feels almost too simple. Sadly I dont have any figure drawings to show yet.... they need to scanned.

What I do have is the watercolor still life for Media class. This took a little while getting used to. I've never done anything serious with watercolors in my life. Not to mention color has been the furtherst from my mind. So this was an excellent project for me. I need to do more... I dunno why but it was kind of fun. I kind of want to advance so I can start doing some kind of plein-air paintings.
Done on Cold Press Illustration board, took around 6 hours.

I'm a little upset with my cast drawing or better yet my judgement. For the longest time, I have been using a certain paper hoping it would work. Sadly, the charcoal was just not adhering to it very well. All that time spent and I had to transfer the image over. I feel like some time could have been spent else where because of that. Then again, this is all just a learning process. Even now the paper is a different quality and will take some getting used to.
Took about 7 hours to get it to this level. I was able to fix certain mistakes.

Blockhead is at this level right now. I have been neglecting it since figure drawing and cast drawing eat away my time. The reflective areas are a bit bright and this needs occlusion shadows. I was a little confused with them but I am starting to get the principle. Its one of those things that by observing I get a better sense of what I'm doing.

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