Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Semester 2 Week 12

This posts a little late. I wanted to do it on friday, but I didn't have anything to really show. It sucks being behind. Every second I feel like I'm about to catch up, I get pushed back a few more. Oh well. The more work I do, the better I become in the end.

Media class image is first seeing as I just finished it. Overall it took about 8 hours to do. I probably could have done it quicker but I second guess myself. Started with some photo ref, sketched it then inked, and last night I did the watercolor. It was really difficult. Two parts really. First was picking the correct colors (too often did I choose the wrong thing I wanted... but ended with interesting effects). While the second was letting it dry. I feel like I rush myself all the time in my art (it shows a lot). Sometimes I made a mistake for not waiting long enough. Overall though, I'm quite happy with the results. I want to do more and get better.

I pushed the forms a bit for some lines to link.

Figure drawing... oh figure drawing. I'm pushing myself and soooo close to catching up with the hw. Now the only problem? Scanning and compiling which I really do hate. Its probably the least artistic thing to do at tad heh. However, it is nesecessary. So I'll get it done soon. In the mean time, check the in class work I did. Working on shadows now. I feel comfortable with the muscles... now I just need to start applying what I've been learning in Light and Form or Cast Drawing. The other thing? I need to LOOK at the correct shapes. I sometimes get too fixated in one spot. Other times I'm just rushing through.

Uneven tone, and correct shape needs to be applied. However
I am improving on my muscles
Attempt after Crit. Still needs work... I dont know what I was thinking with those

Cast drawing is the last of it for now. I'll be working later today on it. For now as you can see I've been working those dark vales which really give my form some depth. However, I will need to clean this up some more and adjust the values. This is getting very close to done. The only problem is that the next hurdle can be very big. I feel like sometimes I go through an hour of clean up (aka taking out those dots and making an even tone) and not feeling like I did anything. The postivity on the the other hand is that I am going to have one impressive piece by the end of the semester. I'm already fired up to start another over the summer.
Paper really makes a difference. Now I just need to keep poking at this till it looks

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