Friday, March 1, 2013

Semester 2 week 4

Media class was all about using what we learned about Fechin and applying it to our own portrait drawing. I used my brother as a  reference. After drawing this, I feel like I took a slightly poor reference. There was a bit of lost information along with hard angle and harsh values. I really had to go insane with this one. It did not help that I was staying up late to draw this. Heh, I remember how many times I just wanted to quit for the night because it was so much trouble. Then I'd come right back thinking I could fix it more. Overall, I am happy. It makes me want to draw more like this... but ink is next and I am excited.

6 hours. Graphite, Charcoal pencil, Charkole stick,
strathmore drawing paper.

Figure drawing is figure drawing. Now with the understanding of the mannekin, we add in skeleton structure. This is where anatomy class from last semester comes in handy. It took a little refreshing to get back in gear. I really have not drawn much of the skeletal structure since then. So now the biggest thing to work on is getting the right shapes and less uncertaintiy. It plagues me to death how scratchy my drawings are. I think if there is one thing to come out of TAD, it's creating confident work.

Draw draw draw. The milage of drawing is emphasized in Ron's teachings.

Cast drawing class is always enlightening it seems. I got a fraction better at measuring as you can see with the first attempt. My second attempt was terrible. I wrecked my brain with the details. Simplifying could have helped the eye.  I might try to do another or some exercises to emphasize working on my measuring skills. However, a bit of my time will be to get the setup to its 100%.
Would have been better if I remembered the darks. 

So many bad things. I should just try it again. Hah except I will be seeing this
eye for a bit of a while.

Here are some value scales I did for Light&form and Cast drawing. They are pretty poor. Prettttyyy prettty poor. I saw so many in class do a  far better job. Whats worse? When I was drawing I thought they were pretty good. Maybe they just look better in person, but I doubt it. I will DEFINITELY redo these  over the weekend. Its very simple and something I need to master. I know a lot has to do with me barely using the pencil as a tool for shading. In general i've relied on photoshop for a long while.

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