Friday, March 29, 2013

Semester 2 Week 8

Midterms have been hot in my mind this past week. I have gotten a chance to really push myself this semester and I feel like I'm starting to see some nice results.  It definitely is great to see the work I'm pushing out and how it could affect me later in my career. Obviously not just as a stepping stone, but more as a tool that I can go back to later. 

The few downsides I have with this week is that I REALLY need to start scanning stuff right away. I cannot just leave it to the last minute. I mean I had to spend about 6+ hours organizing, scanning, preparing on photoshop, and uploading the different assignments I had not gotten around to. I'll try my hardest to stay on top of that biz.

Now with Figure Drawing 2. I think I'm finding a great way to create clearer drawings. One thing that bugs me with most of my drawings is that I tend to be very heavy handed early on. This creates a messy look and its hard to tell the lines I put down early and the ones I put down later. So I just used a harder pencil first for some light lines, then went over with a softer one with more confident strokes. I really liked the feeling of how easy it was to glide with a 4B over some 2h. Oh also... we are learning backs.
Color coded. It makes the drawing even easier to follow.

The Media assignment is having us work on a personal piece now. I really like how the class is set up, first master copy then do something personal. I feel like I learn a lot and at the same time can expand my wings. A lot of what I got below was all thanks to sketchbook class. Doing lots of iterations then has me in the habit to be able to do a bunch till I get the image I want. Whats also nice, when I was finished with the iterations, the reference picture taking came out a lot easier. 

Light and Form egg drawing has come to an end. I am happy to say I learned a lot with this one. This is definitely an assignment where you can gain so much by doing it over just reading about it. For example, the proportions are a bit wonky. I think if I spent some extra time getting them just right, I would not have to spend time later with it at all. This is a bad habit of mine where I rush things and try to fix them as I go on. The other thing I learned was how to achieve a smoother look. I do not think I will ever want to do this because of the time it took. However, if I had to, I can. ALSO! I am improved with reflective lighting. It was the bane of my existence for the longest time. I still have trouble, but I'm getting there.

Small egg drawing done in graphite

Color and composition. Yea... I'm taking this class. I have not posted much because I have not gotten around to scanning them in. I feel like if there is any class I will fail at, this will be it. Somewhere along the lines, I am doing the work but I have not gotten around to much of it as I wanted. I'm definitely going to take the time to do a LOT LOT more every week from now on. 

Cast drawing is coming along nicely, and I'm starting to see a lot of results here. Seriously, it looks pretty impressive in person. Right now, I am putting in the 5 values since the proportions are looking nice. I just have to smooth out those tones then I can get to the next thing.

Charcoal. About 12-15+ hours put into it already

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