Friday, February 22, 2013

Semester 2 Week 3

Things are going well at TAD. I'm definitely getting back to my stride that I was able to hit back at the end of the last semester. With figure drawing, I'm reallllly enjoying the way Ron Lemen is teaching the figure. It feels very simple, and I over complicate it! Its all about cylinders and just pointing out where the bone is. Plus, he is really driving in the fact that you need to push the quantity. These are all quick drawings probably no more than 10 minutes.
Over complicated... dont need muscles right now.

Simpler, but I need to pay attention to proportions and relations of body.

Light and form is now really entering the meat of it all. The first assignment is about connecting organic and inorganic object. I think I did a fair job with it but I wasnt paying attention how unconfident my strokes were. I was going in too deep at the very beginning. It makes for a very ugly looking page even if the form looks fun. 

The other assignment was the egg head. We started with a rendered egg and had to paint over a face on it. I definitely did a lot better than I thought. I'm noticing all that hard work is starting to pay off very slightly. However, I did not really go too unique. The face feels a bit plain except for the expression. Also I did need some reference to show me the details of the face. In general, I have avoided the face for the past few years. So I'm not as well accustomed to the muscles or bones as I am with the rest of the body. I'm going to try and do more portrait studies.

Photoshop, took about 4-5 hours

Media class is now having us start our original piece with emphasis on how Fechin has done his. I started with a thumbnail to plot the composition and will work on the finished this weekend. This is really all about what to keep and what to lose. We automatically want to draw everything we see but we need to make a hierarchy of whats actually important. In this instance, its all about the face. More so, John English showed me that adding some tone in the background can balance this out while pushing the focal to the light side of the face.
1 hour study, thumbnail size

Every week, I'm happy to know I am taking cast drawing. There is just so information taught in this class about observing and translating as well as exercises that I really should start doing more often. The first assignment was to block in almost as if we were doing the real assignment. I was stupid in thinking this would go fast. I should have given myself more time since you have to take steps back to measure, compare, then adjust and repeat. 

The other assignment was to break up the values. Its pretty simple but the concept was enlightening. Jon Hardesty talked about how the lights should be emphasized most. The problem was sometimes I was unsure if it should be a dark or a light. The lightest light and darkest dark is easy. But its that middle to dark value that is a little harder. I think this has to do with Dorian Iten talking about relation of value to the ones around it. Basically, a medium value near dark will seem lighter, while a medium value near a light will seem darker. The eyes play tricks... and thats why this whole cast drawing will take a long time! I best prepare.
Take a step back, measure, check, take a step forward, adjust, repeat.

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